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Conceived in 1960 as an experimental, self-governing men's program, the Mallet Assembly has been the premier living choice of intelligent men and women for over fifty years. Today, Mallet is still the University's only honors organization that self-governs its residence hall. The Assembly elects the officers who oversee the program, including the live-in advisors who interface with the university. We expect our members to be responsible adults, so we have no need for curfews, visitation regulations or enforced study hours.

The word that best describes the Mallet Assembly is freedom. Mallet offers you freedom in your college experience - freedom to make your own decisions, freedom to think what you want and, most importantly, freedom to be who you are. Unlike many other collegiate programs that make this concept nothing more than a slogan, at Mallet freedom goes beyond a kitschy catch-phrase and stresses the personal responsibility of maintaining a balance between leisure and academics.

At Mallet, we believe that you are old enough to make your own choices, and be responsible for your own actions. Being self-governed means that YOU (along with the other people who live in the hall) elect those in charge of the Assembly, and they answer to you directly. All members from first semester freshmen to ninth year doctoral students to our own elected faculty and staff advisors have an equal say in the goings-on concerning the Mallet Assembly.

And because of our emphasis of freedom, you will find people from all walks of life within our walls. Whatever your major, odds are it is someone else's too. Whatever interests you have, there will be someone here to share them. Mallet is a diverse community that fosters free thought, intelligence, and fun. It's a great way to make most of your college experience. If this sounds like something you might be interested in or being a part of in any way, shape, or form, consider living with us as soon as is convenient for you.

Another thing to keep in mind is that since we do our own room assignments, if you come into the university living in Presidential, Paty, Riverside or any other residence hall, we can have you moved mid-semester to live with the rest of the Mallet Assembly as soon as you apply and are accepted.


Mallet currently has several full-time professors employed by the university in fields ranging from mechanical engineering, Chinese history, and law, just to name a few. We have current undergraduate and graduate students employed in fields of research with the university related to their curricula, namely aerospace engineering, physics, economics, and German. We have a wide variety of concentrations amongst our upperclassmen who can at any time be sought out for aid or information regarding professors, classes, or fields of study, not to mention our extensive and active alumni who have gone into fields as diverse as the NSA and Deloitte to NASA and Google, with even a few lawyers, doctors, and ministers thrown into the mix for consultation.

The Mallet Assembly places a strong emphasis on personal academic performance, but again, it's ultimately your decision as to what field you want to select and how well you decide to perform in said field. Mallet serves primarily as a staging ground for personal achievement where you are the only person who determines what is acceptable for your level of success.


It is said that college contains the years during which one is likely to meet the friends one will keep for the rest of one's life. This is certainly no truer than at the Mallet Assembly. We have an incredibly active and involved alumni base ranging from those that graduated in the 1960s until those just this past May. Friendships and camaraderies are made here not simply because of membership, but because of the type of kinship that is formed within Mallet's walls. It takes certain kinds of people to make a place and system of like Mallet work, and due to this, you are more likely to find kindred spirits here than anywhere else on campus. Again, this is not just a ploy as it may be by other organizations that stress faux values similar to ours, we are ultimately genuine in our mindset that freedom and self-reliance are the only true ways to get anything truly of value out of a higher education.

Still wavering?

Visit us during orientation, or even spend the night in a dorm room at Mallet in the Highlands. Email us at the.mallet.assembly@gmail.com.