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Mallet hosts a variety of events open to the public. These naturally vary from year to year, but here are some that have become traditional.

  • Open Mic Night: Once a month, Mallet hosts an open mic night. It is pretty cool, there is free coffee, poetry slamming, skits, guitar, didgeridoo, and mad rhymes.
  • Presentathon: The Presentathon is a semesterly event where Malleteers present on things they’re passionate and knowledgeable about. Some of our students even use this time to practice for class presentations because Malleteers make a great and supportive audience. Either way, the students become the teachers and share their knowledge with the attendees.
  • Progluck: A potluck that Mallet hosts once a month on behalf of the campus's progressive community; we are always looking for other student organizations to partner with.
  • Tailgates: Nerds that care about sports? Enter tailgates. During the glorious Alabama football season, we arrange a tent on the quad with lots of home cookin’. Complete with hearing the cheers from the stadium before we actually see the play, it’s a grand ol’ time.
  • Malletcon: Every other year, Mallet hosts Malletcon, a gathering of Mallet alumni and current members. This past Malletcon we had a cook-out on Snow Hinton Park and a reception in Smith Hall.
  • Speaker Series: We invite UA faculty and staff to give presentations on topics that pertain to their interests.
  • Homecoming Parade: Mallet always tries to participate in the UA Homecoming Parade. In the past two years, we've built a Mad Max themed float and a Star Wars themed float.

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