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Building Layout

There are three floors in Building C with two open rooms on the basement floor, three open rooms (one with the RA) on the first floor, and three open rooms on the second floor.

Rooms have two single rooms and one double room that occasionally can be used as a single in circumstances such as being an RA or desiring one with enough room from Housing and enough seniority; however, being a single in double room is never guaranteed.


Fall 2016/Spring 2017 from housing's website
Single Occupancy $4,325/semester

Summer 2015 from housing's website
Summer Housing is available in Ridgecrest West.

Interim 4 bedroom unit $765
Interim 2 bedroom unit $830

Summer 4 bedroom unit $1,225/session
Summer 2 bedroom unit $1,325/session

Floor Plans

Typical Unit at the Highlands

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Typical 4 Bedroom Unit at Ridgecrest West

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