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The University of Alabama's Only Autonomous Living Option

The Mallet Assembly has been the home of unconventional thinkers and idiosyncratic personalities since its foundation in 1961 by Dr. John Blackburn. Seeking to racially integrate the then-segregated University of Alabama, Blackburn founded the Mallet Assembly as an independent living community. This independence empowered its members to take actions the administration could not or would not and through this allowed Mallet to become the thin end of the wedge of integration. Now over half a century later, the Mallet Assembly boldly and defiantly remains an unusual and forward-thinking embodiment of the social ideals of progressives in the early twentieth century.

Mallet is recommended to all academically-minded, intelligent, independent young people. If you choose to live at Mallet, you will meet a wide variety of original and driven thinkers, and you will have an unusual amount of control over your collegiate life. But, as fans of Stan Lee know, with great power there must also come great responsibility. The freedom and autonomy offered at the Mallet is unparalleled. You are encouraged to apply for membership.

The Mallet Assembly is located in The Highlands Building C, which is north of the Riverside parking deck and slightly east of the Presidential complex. If you are interested in learning more about the society available to you as a prospective Malleteer, feel free to send an email to or call anytime at (205) 348-5046 or you can even write to us as was done in ye olden times:

Mallet Assembly
PO Box 20224
Tuscaloosa, AL 35402

The Highlands at the University of Alabama

Highlands C Building, the current home of the Mallet Assembly. Located at 145 Hackberry Lane, on the northeast side of campus across from the Presidential dorms.
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We'll keep this calendar updated with Mallet related events (e.g. dorm meetings, exec meetings, etc.), events that the MOI believe malleteers might find of interest, and important dates from the Academic Calendar (e.g. last days to drop classes without a W, Fall Break, etc.).

Current News

  • Our next Dorm Meeting is January 12th at 10pm in the Highlands Community Center

Things Mallet Does

  • Once a month, Mallet hosts an open mic night. It is pretty cool, there is free coffee, poetry slamming, skits, guitar, didgeridoo, and mad rhymes.



  • Every other year, Mallet hosts Malletcon, a gathering of Mallet alumni and current members. This past Malletcon we had a cook-out on Snow Hinton Park and a reception in Smith Hall.



  • Beginning this spring semester, we hosted our first Game Show Night featuring Jeopardy, Family Feud, and the Newlywed Game. If you join the Mallet Assembly and have a fun event you want to start as a Mallet or UA tradition, talk to our social chair or someone on the executive board and we will help you, giving you the tools to make your event a success.



  • The Darty, short for delightful party or daytime party, was a daytime cookout featuring musical performances by the likes of the internationally-known Collin Spence Webster, Andrew Laningham, – and Wizard Castle Takeoff.



  • The Presentathon is a semesterly event where Malleteers present on things they’re passionate and knowledgeable about. Some of our students even use this time to practice for class presentations because Malleteers make a great and supportive audience. Either way, the students become the teachers and share their knowledge with the attendees.


  • Face/Off is an event that started this semester in honor of the John Travolta and Nicholas Cage masterpiece. On this very confusing night, we received names of other Malleteers Secret-Santa-Style then showed up dressed as our randomly generated other. How would another Malleteer cosplay as you? Only one way to find out.



  • Have you ever realized your high school prom sucked? Yeah.. us too. Mallet held a Prom in December at the upstairs bar in Tuscaloosa’s Mellow Mushroom. College prom is better, we promise.



  • Nerds that care about sports? Enter tailgates. During the glorious Alabama football season, we arrange a tent on the quad with lots of home cookin’. Complete with hearing the cheers from the stadium before we actually see the play, it’s a grand ol’ time.