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The Highlands

The front of the Highlands, Building C

Since the demolition of Palmer Hall in the summer of 2014, The Mallet Assembly has resided in the Highlands buildings C and E.
The Highlands are located at 145 Old Hackberry, across the street from the Presidential and Riverside dormitories.
This suite-style complex still contains features of the former buildings, such as a drawing room open to members of the assembly.
Each suite contains two single bedrooms and one double. There are two bathrooms, including both a shower and a bath tub. The kitchen comes with both a refrigerator and a stove/oven combination.

The Drawing Room

It is located on the second floor of building C in room 201.
The current drawing room is now split into the following rooms:

  • The Library, located in the furthest back room, and containing a public computer and printer in addition to bookshelves of donated literature.
  • The "Smash Room" (referring to the oft-played Super Smash Brothers), or TV room.
  • The music room, or music library, is mostly used for storage of instruments that are frequently used by members.
  • A living room for chatting, also including a piano
  • Also included in the drawing room is a kitchen and two bathrooms.

Palmer Hall

The front of Palmer Hall

Palmer was the home of The Mallet Assembly from 2007 until the summer of 2014.
It was located on the north side of campus; near Paty Hall, Somerville Hall, and the Lakeside Dining Hall.
Its physical address was 800 2nd St, Tuscaloosa, AL 35486.

The First Floor

The first floor of Palmer contained:

  • A drawing (living) room
  • Several single and double suites
  • The Bog Chair Suite
  • The Professor In Residence Suite

Each room on the first floor was furnished with a bed of normal length (two if the room was a double), a desk (two if the room was a double), a dresser, a microwave, and a micro-fridge.

The rooms on the first floor each had either their own bathroom, or shared one with an adjoining room. As was the case for all rooms in Palmer, first floor rooms were available on a seniority basis.

The Second and Third Floors

The second and third floors were contained within five wells (A-E). Wells 'A' and 'E' each contained four double-rooms, two of each shared a bathroom. In wells 'B'-'D', each floor had four double-rooms that shared a mutual bathroom.

Each room on the second and third floors were furnished with two beds of normal length, two desk, a dresser, a microwave, and a micro-fridge.

The Basement

The basement of Palmer contained:

  • A common area
  • A full kitchen
  • A Television/Movie room
  • A computer lab
  • A pool table
  • A ping-pong table
  • The so-called D&D room (a general gaming room).

Byrd Hall

The back yard of Mallet

Byrd was the where the Mallet Assembly called home from 1972 until 2007 and then sadly it was demolished in 2011.

Byrd Hall was located behind the President's Mansion on the University of Alabama campus in Tuscaloosa, Al. It was named for Mable Byrd, and was originally a women's dormitory. Blueprints for Byrd Hall are dated September 1946, so the Hall was likely completed in 1948. Mallet Assembly moved to Byrd Hall in 1972; we previously resided in Sommerville Hall in 1971, and in Mallet Hall prior to that.