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'Tis the season for giving, 'tis always the season!

Feeling charitable? Of course you are!

We here at the Mallet Assembly are never too proud to take unconditional contributions from alumni or secret admirers. Though it might blow the latter's cover to say why, we'd also appreciate a brief description of what the donation is for specifically or if it comes from some money that was just burning one of those pesky pocket holes.

Online Donations

  • The Assembly's Paypal
  • The Assembly's Patreon
  • Follow this link to learn how to send money to the Assembly Via Google Wallet:

  • Address money-containing emails to

Paranoid? Scared of H4><0r5?

If you're "old school" or just terrified of cyberpunks and feel like writing a check or getting a money order, make it out to "The Mallet Assembly" and send it to:

The Mallet Assembly
PO BOX 11092
Tuscaloosa, AL 35486